oh the weather outside is frightful…

I sure wish I had a fireplace to sing the next line of the song by.

We’ve been pretty smothered by the white stuff recently– but it seems that not many have been missed by it, so even if I wanted to complain, we’re all in the same boat. The same snowed in boat. We’ve been filling our time avoiding this…

(believe me, it got much more high and mighty after I snapped this picture)

by curling up under this…

and dreaming about this…

(*think a little less bathroom sink and a little more carribean sea!)

I recently took a road trip with great-friend-Laura to Boston in her fabulous vehicle we endearingly refer to as ‘the beast’. (Well, it’s really her hubs vehicle since it is so honkin’ huge. We had a hard time wranglin’ the beast, but as far as we know we didn’t run anything down and got there and back safe and sound and warm too!) We had a blast and there were a ton of great memories about the trip, but one that’s definitely on the top ten were the seat warmers! You just push a tiny little button and jump two steps closer to euphoria– it was fantastic! Do you have seat warmers? do you use them all. the. time? I’m thinking the next time “my aunt” comes to visit me next month I’m just going to camp out in the front seat of their car and ride it out with seat warmers!!

What brings this to mind is the fact that as I type, I’m ‘supervising’ little H ‘swimming’ in the bathtub leaning against the wall and our baseboard heaters. Warmth is at a 6 and my left rear cheek is completely numb– it’s just not even fair to compare. I love you beasty chairs. šŸ™‚


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