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the Emma

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Remember ‘the Rachel’ from the ’90s? Yesterday little H asked me for ‘the Emma’. One of her best little buds has long blond hair and usually wears it in two cute pigtails. At first my heart got a little sad that this was the first time she was noticing hair different from hers and wanted the length and flowiness (yea, that’s not a word…) of her friend’s hair; something I could not replicate with even the best brushes or gels. While I brushed and braided, we talked about how God makes each of us in his image and gives us unique things that make us beautiful– like h’s curly, black hair! I held my breath as I finished her new ‘do and watched as her little hands reached back to feel what all the twisting and pulling had turned in to. A big smile swept her face as she reached the tiny puffs that her braids ended in–Emma hair. She got her pigtails (three instead of two) and was so excited! Later, we made our weekly visit to the library where she proudly asked our librarian to ‘wook at my emma hair!’. This librarian is also black and I’m so thankful she made such a fuss over h’s tresses–building her tiny world view, that yes, her hair is beautiful too.

*It’s hard to see in the pictures, but h’s hair is divided into six corn rows that start near her center part. the hair near the base of her head is still growing from her bald spot and was divided into three box braids and joined with two corn rows to be banded into a small puff.



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